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verdon gorges via ferrata

Mainmorte Ravine – Level 2

>> 10 good reasons worth trying the Verdon Gorges Via Ferrata !

      1. You will discover a secret part of the Verdon Gorges – places usually inaccessible !
      2. You will be taken to a completely wild and preserved part of the Canyon !
      3. You will get breathtaking views on the canyon  – pictures addicts, you will be in heaven !
      4. It’s is a very nice and fun family activity parents, teenagers and between friends !!
      5. We can do the activity with kids  – from 8 years old !
      6. Of course you will get thrills  – adults  and kids 😉 !!
      7. You don’t need to know climbing !
      8. No need of previous experience – just good waling shoes / sneakers !
      9. A certified guide will be with you all along – and if you are nice with him he also take memory pictures 😉
      10. You will spend a crazy and memorable half/full day in the Verdon Gorges !!
Verdon gorges via ferrata

Mainmorte Ravine – Level 2

verdon gorges via ferrata

Mainmorte Ravine – Level 2

How exactly a Via Ferrata works ?

We can describe the Via Ferrata as in between walking and climbing. It’s like a vertical walk which follow a secure and adapted path. This route is made out of recreational workshop which allow to ease the progression. Those recreational workshop can be different from a via ferrata to another but you usually find a zipline, abseils, “tarzan jump” and via cordata …
In the Verdon Gorges, for the via ferrata, a climbing guide is a must !

In the Verdon Gorges, the Via Ferrata are made out of “life line”. Those life lines are made out of ropes and are present all along the via ferrata. They will allow each person to progress in total security !

kids activity verdon gorges

The Fow Hole – Level 1

Verdon gorges via ferrata

Couloir Samson – Level 3

Verdon gorges via ferrata

The Fow Hole – Level 1

For who ?

One of the best point of the Via Ferrata is that it’s open to everyone, even for kids ! (from 8 years old).

→ The only thing, and by now you will have understood it, it’s to not have vertigo !

→ No previous experience is required. It’s open to everyone : parents and kids, parents and teenagers, friends …

It can also be the perfect activity for a birthday party (for kids and adults 😉 ) or a for a hen or bachelor party !!

Below you will find the 3 Via Ferrata I do in the Verdon Gorges  

>> The Fox Hole – Level 1

The Fox Hole Via Ferrata is the most accessible one ! It’s a good introduction for a first experience with high. Duration is about 3 hours which is perfect timing for a first one !

The Fox Hole Via Ferrata is located at La Palud sur Verdon ! During the summer time I usually start at 9am in order to take advantage of the shade all along the via ferrata. Mid season, if the temperature is not too high we can do it in the afternoon.

The first part of the via ferrata is made out of big ledges. It allows you to get comfortable with the specific gears and the environment. Then comes the most impressive passage : the zipline ! The good part of this itinerary is that if you don’t feel comfortable doing the zipline because it’s too impressive, it’s not a big deal, it’s very easy to turn around, escape the via ferrata and get to the end of it to be able to keep going on it !

All along the rest of the via ferrata you will find various recreational workshops such as 2 abseils, the tarzan jump and a lot of via cordata. All of it with a beautiful view on the canyon !

At the end of it, you will have to walk about 10 minutes to get back to the car.

🚘 Access : Meeting point is in La Palud sur Verdon, 20 minutes from Moustiers Sainte Marie and from Castellane !

Great via ferrata !

We spent a great afternoon on the Fow Hole Via Ferrata. Zipline, abseils, there was fun for everyone !

Elie is a very good guide, very professional and friendly. A great getaway with crazy view on the Verdon Gorges. I would recommend for a family activity without any doubt !”

>> Le Mainmorte Ravine – Level 2

The Mainmorte Ravine Via Ferrata request a good physical condition, it is a bit more difficult than the Fox Hole. Accessible from 12 years old, the activity duration is about 4/5 hours. The via ferrata is located at the end of the Route des Crêtes, 10 minutes from La Palud sur Verdon. During the summer season I start at 3pm, it allow us to take full advantage of the cold atmosphere naturally present in the dry canyon.

The via ferrata start by a short hike which get you to the beginning of the canyon. Mainmorte is a dry canyon, one of the most beautiful of Provence ! In order to get down to that canyon we will use a lot of abseils and ziplines. You will discover a mineral universe getting wilder and prettier each step forward ! Just before arriving at the Verdon Gorges we will use a via cordata to escape the canyon and we will end up on the top of it with THE most beautiful view of the Gorges !!

Then, comes the most difficult part : the way up, back to the car ! We will use a via cordata to walk up the cliff !

🚘 Access : The meeting point is in La Palud sur Verdon, 20 minutes from Moustiers Sainte Marie and from Castellane !

📷 For more information, pictures or to book the via ferrata : https://www.verdon-pro-climb.com/en/portfolio-items/mainmorte-ravine/

“A great Via Ferrata !

We spent a great day with Elie. He was very patient and a good guide. We had a fun time on the Mainmorte Ravine Via Ferrata close to La Palud : dry canyon, abseil, gorgeous sightseeing views ! I would definitivelly recommend to discover the Verdon Gorges with Elie !”

Jean Baptiste A., Tripadvisor Review

>> Couloir Samson – Level 3

Accessible from 12 years old, the via ferrata last around 6 hours with a lunch break in the middle of it ! The Via Ferrata is located at the beginning of the Sentier Martel path, at the Couloir Samson ( 10 minutes from La Palud). During the summer I suggest a departure during the morning in order to take advantage of the shade.
After 5 minutes of walk, we cross the Verdon river thanks to a zipline and we end up on the left side of the canyon ! There, a beautiful via cordata takes us to a completely preserved and wild part of the canyon !

After the lunch break made with a beautiful view on the canyon, comes the best part of the via ferrata : the 80 meters abseil !

🚘 Access : The meeting point is at the Couloir Samson at the beginning of the Martel hiking path. It is located 30 minutes from Moustiers Sainte Marie, 20 minutes from Castellane and 10 minutes from Palud sur Verdon !

📷 For more info, pictures or to book the via ferrata : https://www.verdon-pro-climb.com/en/portfolio-items/couloir-samson/

couloir samson verdon gorges
Great experience !

A lot of thrill during this via ferrata ! And a breathtaking view on the Verdon Gorges !
Elie is a very friendly guide, very professionnal who answered all of our questions !”

Carole & Cédric, Tripadvisor Review