Goofy, 8c, Leonidio, Grèce

# Former competitor

I grew up around the city of Valence -France and I discovered climbing there when  I was 7 years old. I first started climbing in a gym and quickly around 9 years old I was willing to discover rock climbing and since then it became a passion.

To be part of the climbing gym of Valence allowed me to attend to climbing competitions for a few years. This competition experience brought me a lot and had a positive and strong impact on my climbing experience, it teached me how to train, push the limits, improve my concentration and never give up. I have some great memories from the comps even if I am now a dedicated outdoor rock climber !

# A climbing passion

For rock climbing purpose I had the chance to visit many places, in France and abroad but when I discovered the Verdon Gorges I immediatly knew it was the place I would settle ! And when I did settle, it became obvious to become a climbing guide in the Verdon Gorges and share my passion in this amazing climbing place !

La trav vers l’étrave, 8b+, Praniania Saint-léger
La flûte en chantier, 8c+, Ramirole Verdon

# Committed Bolter

The past few years I also discovered the bolting. I started to bolt in St Léger du Ventoux borrowing a drill and sound advices and when I settle in the Verdon Gorges, one of my first expense was for a drill !!

Quickly, bolting became as important as climbing. It’s like being on the other side of the mirror, you are not simply a « consumer » but also a bolter.

Discover, clear and develop a brand new crag is something magical which gives equal satisfaction than topping a project (and even more sometimes).

Bolting – Le tueur de fraisier, 7b+/c, Les couillons, Verdon

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