>>> Liberté Surveillée <<<

Verdon Gorges Multi-pitch

Bolted by Pascal Faudou in 2009 – 6b+ (6a+)

“Liberté Surveillée” : a beautiful multi-picth perfect for a morning climb ! Thanks to Pascal (again 😉 ). Less impressive than the ones on its right, it is a perfect way of getting used of the Imbut style before to go visit the others!

To get down, you have the possibility of doing few abseils, we did choose to use a 200m stat to directly get to the beginning of the multi-pitch. Quite convenient, it allowed us to climb on a single rope but once the multi-pitch finished you still have to go take it back !

Some more informations on those 5 nice pitches !

P1 – 5c : A long pitch quite uniform which allow us to slowly warm up !  A little traverse on the right at the end of it to reach the anchor.

P2 – 6a+ : We start by two opposite cracks quite easy to climb, then comes the crux section, four holds and here we comes on a beautiful grey slab ! 5 meters above is the anchor.

P3 – 6b : A beautiful homogeneous crack / corner to finish by a traverse on the right with a naughty crux before to reach the anchor !

P4 – 6b+ : Carreful to the drag on this big zigzag ! A bit physical on nice holds, we start by a quite easy traverse on the left, then we climb up a little to traverse back on the left to end up just on the top of the belayer. Followed by a nice climb up a bit physical, 3 holds and then we arrive at the anchor !

L5 – 6a+ : On the first part we find very good holds up to reach a slight overhang with gorgeous flutes shaped on the rock ! 4 stars !! Then to finish a slab, quite a change from the beginning !

libertée surveillée multi-pitch verdon gorges

Auriane in the 6a+

libertée surveillée grande voie verdon

Elie in the 6b

Auriane in the 6b+

Elie in the flutes shaped rock  – 6a+

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