Project Description


Private coaching

Private coaching is for everyone, from 5a to 8a and more ! Alone or in a small group, whatever your climbing level is, I will organize the day and set up a pannel of customized excercices to improve your climbing skills and work on your weakness!

Private coaching is designed for small groups on a ½ day or full day(s) scheme. Why ? Because it allow me to analize your climbing level/ technic and to observe your main strength and weakness. From that evaluation I will set up a proper startegy with specific excercices.

These exercices -according to the define goals- will be define to work on your mental, your technic, your gesture, your rythm, your breath, your climbing strategy and your training in order to have an efficient progression ! We will see as well how to keep progressing once you are back home !

Determination, technic and mental are some of the specific points we will be working on in order for you to be able to push your limits and be confident when you will try harder projects !

Info & Booking
  • 7 h

  • + 12 years old

  • La Palud / Verdon Gorges

  • Level from 5a to 8a

  • Rate ½ day :
    For 4 people: 55€ / pers
    For 3 people: 70€ / pers
    For 2 people: 90€ / pers
    For 1 pers: 180€ / pers

    Rate Full day :
    For 4 people: 100€ / pers
    For 3 people: 120€ / pers
    For 2 people: 160€ / pers
    For 1 person: 320€ / pers

    Multi days : rate on request