Project Description



The Verdon Gorges rock-climbing course is designed for climbers willing to:

  • Improve their climbing technics
  • Improve their confidence for lead climbing
  • Learn how to fall and belay dynamic
  • Work on the mental aspect
  • Learn how to rhythm your climbing (rest and breath)
  • Work on your weakness
  • Progress
  • Climb in one of the most beautiful climbing site in the world with a professional to coach you!
Info & Booking
  • 4 days

  • 4 people max

  • be able to climb 5c top rope

  • Verdon Gorges rock-climbing course RATE
    For 4 people : 300€/pers
    For 3 people : 370€/pers
    For 2 people : 490€/pers

  • Verdon Gorges rock-climbing course DATES

    From June the 20th to the 23rd- 4 places available
    From September the 21st to the 24th – 4 places available



Climbing session in a single pitch crag in the Verdon Gorges. It will allow me to evaluate your climbing level, your technic, your skills and your weaknesses.


Climbing session in a single pitch crag in the Verdon Gorges

I will take you in a different single pitch climbing crag, ideal to perform your climb. We will set up a panel of customized exercises which will allow you to focus on the specifics points you will need to work on in order to progress.

These exercises -according to the define goals- will be define to work on your mental, your technic, your gesture, your rhythm, your breath, your climbing strategy and your training in order to have an efficient progression! All of it in a beautiful climbing site of the Verdon Gorges!


Practice + multi-pitch technics

I will take you to a climbing crag which will allow you to practice the different points seen the day before, to progress on your weaknesses but most of all to climb on beautiful lines adapted to your level!

Then we will go through the multi-pitch safety and basic technics (belay, lead climbing, anchor, abseil, multi-pitch communication) + practice


I will choose a multi-pitch adapted to your climbing level and self-sufficiency multi-pitch technics. You will discover another aspect of rock climbing and you will climb a beautiful line in the famous Verdon Gorges!